Interested in checking out a Sunbreak service? Great! We think you'll have a fantastic experience. Here are some common questions people ask us about our services.

What do most people wear at your church? 

We are casual in our dress, so jeans, shorts--whatever you feel comfortable in is fine. Our pastor and platform people don't wear suits, so there's no need to try and dress up for us.

What's the music style like?

The primary style is Contemporary Christian. But we add in a few classic Christian Hymns as well. You'll find a surprising depth in the quality of music in our worship service, and it will be an experience that speaks to your heart.

How long do the services last?

Most people tell us that they hardly realize it's already been an hour or so when we close our service.

Is there child care for children? 

Yes! We have programming for children from birth thru 5th grade that takes place simultaneously with the Sunday services. Learning is fun and interactive. Kids love it. For more information on our children's ministries, check out the FaithWeaver Kids and Elevate Kids sections of the website.

Are first time guests singled out in the service? 

No. You will never be put o­n the spot or embarrassed. We hope you meet some friendly people as you come and go, but no need to feel like you're going to be o­n display in any way.

What about the offering? How does that work?

We pass offering bags during each service. Please do not feel any obligation to give. This is for people who are members or regularly attend Sunbreak. If you contribute at Sunbreak, we certainly appreciate it and believe that God will bless you, but we don't expect it from you when you check us out. Our service is our gift to you. Enjoy it as our guest!

How many people attend Sunbreak o­n a typical Sunday?

Sunbreak is a growing congregation. We average around 175 people on a typical Sunday at our church. We hope to grow up to be o­ne of the largest small churches around! People tell us they like the fact that you can get to know people pretty easily in our church, and we hope to continue that dynamic as we grow.

Where and when are your services? 

We currently meet o­n Sundays at 9:00am for Sunday School and 10:00am for church services. We're located at 7722 Yelm Highway SE - just o­ne mile from the Amtrak station. If you have children, come a few minutes early to get them settled in to Elevate. Then enjoy the service!