The Journey God Has Given Us

Sunbreak was started 40 years ago as Olympia Missionary Baptist Church and experienced a re-birth in the mid 90’s that included a dream for reaching the unchurched people of the Northwest.

This makes us quite unique, in that we have a history, but are still a young congregation. This gives people an opportunity to enjoy the stability of an established church family, but the vibrancy of a new church.

Our church is associated nationally with the American Baptist Association and locally with the Washington State Missionary Baptist Association. While Sunbreak has strong ties to our Baptist heritage, our style of ministry is different than what some think of when they think of a Baptist Church.

Sunbreak is the lead church for “Surround The Sound” a church planting endeavor to establish a network of 7 churches in the South Puget Sound region of Washington State. Four of these churches are established and meeting. Sunbreak is involved in other ministries both locally and around the world. Sunbreak has also helped establish churches in the nation of Romania and Moldova under the leadership of Sunbreak church planter Mike Rogers. Mike began a ministry in Romania in 1998 and started 3 churches before moving to Moldova where he is currently working to build a new congregation.


About Our Pastor


To a large degree, Sunbreak reflects the vision of our pastor, Bobby Ball. Sunbreak is Bobby’s first and only church, and he hopes it’s his last!

 An avid “do-it-yourself-er”, Bobby spent 10 years in the US Army and has a degree in electronics. He has been married to his wife Brenda for over 20 years. They have two children.

 One of Bobby’s endearing qualities is his ability to teach in a fun and enjoyable environment. He’s known for sharing Sunday messages with warmth and humor. And he loves to take Biblical truths that others might find difficult to understand and make it both easy to understand and highly relevant to our real-life, everyday challenges. Bobby has a passion to make Sunbreak a place where every person can use their gift, no matter what it is.

 In recent years Bobby has become a coach for church planters, and Sunbreak is becoming a launch pad for new churches. Already, we’ve had church planters from our congregation go to Romania & Moldova and new plants are now in DuPont, Tumwater, University Place, and West Olympia.